Using Our Products

Combine equal parts water to Glace or Demi Glace and season to taste. Further dilution is possible, if desired.

3 parts water to 1 part Demi Glace or Glace provides an excellent braising liquid for any meat.

1 part Glace to 2 parts water will provide a flavorful, low sodium, high protein broth.

All Bonewerks’ Glaces and Demi Glaces come frozen at sauce-ready consistency (nappe). No water is needed to utilize our products in or as a sauce. 

Adding 8 to 16 oz. of Glace or Demi Glace per 1 gallon of liquid will greatly enhance the depth of flavor for any soup. It will also add a natural sheen and thickened mouth feel.

Stocks are made instantly by adding 5 to 9 parts water to any Bonewerks’ Glace product. We recommend you taste the dilution at 5 to 1 and proceeded as needed. Remember, our Glace has no added salt (sodium), adjust as needed.