Grand Sauces Glossary

A white sauce made of milk thickened with light roux and flavored with onion pique (half onion studded with clove and bay leaf).

Demi glace
“Half-glaze.” A mixture of equal proportions of brown stock and brown sauce that has been reduced by half.

Hollandaise sauce
A classic emulsion sauce made with a vinegar reduction, egg yolks, and melted butter flavored with lemon juice.

Tomato sauce
A grand sauce, prepared by cooking salt pork, carrot, onion and garlic with tomatoes, blended.

A sauce of white stock (chicken, veal or seafood) thickened with white roux. Also, a cream soup made with a Veloute sauce base and flavorings (usually pureed) that is usually finished with a liaison (egg yolks and cream).