At Bonewerks, our entire product line is chef produced for authenticity you can taste. We take pride in creating pure reduced stock foundations for chefs and home gourmets alike. Our continuous skimming and open kettle process mean no fat emulsified into our finished product and better sauce clarity.

Every kettle contains our very best work. And every finished product is gluten free and dairy free.

All-Natural Difference
We use only premium all-natural ingredients – including purified water, fresh roasted bones, fresh mire poix and herbs, and savory seasonings. And the reduced stock foundations are always frozen at sauce consistency to ensure repeatable presentation with exact cost control.

Bonewerks Glace
Our trans fat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free Glace products are made with no added salt, gelatin, starch or “natural flavors.”

Bonewerks Demi Glace Elite
Our gluten-free, dairy-free Demi Glace Elite products take advantage of the same integrity as our Glace line, but contain a minimal amount of kosher salt.

Bonewerks Classic Demi Glace
Our gluten-free, dairy-free Classic Demi Glace products are reduced, first-draw stocks thickened and fully seasoned for convenience and consistency – a staple for every kitchen.

Sous Vide entrées are prepared to the highest USDA HACCP standards, oven-seared and braised to perfection. Each is made from the finest cuts of beef, pork and lamb with artisan spices infused with Bonewerks’ very own sauce.

Bonewerks’ state-of-the-art development center can produce proprietary signature sauces and sous vide items for all occasions. Contact our team of professional chefs to discuss your culinary needs.