About Us

Bonewerks, originally CulinArte´, was founded in 1998 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The purity of our Glace and Demi Glace products are continually compared to those of an in-house master saucier. Today, Bonewerks is known as the industry leader in sauce and sous vide.

Fine dining establishments, cruise lines and foodservice operations appreciate the quality and consistency of Bonewerks’ products. The healthcare and spa industries embrace our products for being allergen-free, fat-free, trans fat-free, sodium-free, preservative-free and additive-free.

We believe in sauce excellence. Our glace and demi glace processes employ open-kettles, and our team of chefs spend 24 hours on every batch. Along with the oven-roasted bones, we add fresh mire poix, herbs and spices. Constant simmering, continuous skimming and reducing to our strict standards, our chefs carefully monitor every kettle to deliver our very best in every batch.