Tasteful Devotion

Culinary perfection. Every chef knows it’s in the details. A true epicurean experience might take hours or days to prepare. Bonewerks offers a smart alternative to the arduous process of making reduced stock foundations for your sauce recipes. Our classical preparation of Bonewerks’ products means you’ll save time without sacrificing the excellence of your signature creations.

Stock your kitchen with Bonewerks premium products:

  • Premium Glace, Demi Glace and fully prepared, oven-seared Sous Vide Entrées.
  • Prepared from only first draw stocks, using the traditional 8 pounds of bones to 1 gallon finished stock, which requires USDA inspection 3 times daily.
  • Using only fresh oven-roasted bones, filtered water and fresh produce.
  • Traditional open kettles for continuous skimming and monitoring.

“Bone” Appétit!